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 Rules on forum

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PostSubject: Rules on forum   1st February 2010, 7:09 pm

Welcome to our forum.Your registration will undertake to observe the following rules: Wink

Rule 1 Prohibition of all spam on the forum, such as spam take unnecessary citations, a few posts for himself and others. Spamming the forum is an exclusion, without the possibility unban.

Rule 2 Before you write somewhere, try it first on the forum to help find the SEARCH button.

Rule 3 It is forbidden to offer here any CD / DVD with illegal software.

Rule 4 Any offering visitors FTP / HTTP for money is prohibited.Do this rule include the registration of any other condition of registration, which will bring by money. If you offer our FTP for sums of money, it will mean your immediate removal from the forum.

Rule 5 Pointless posts and topics are considered SPAM. They will be deleted immediately.

Rule 6 Any jokes, signatures and contributions on the theme of pornography, disability, religion or racism are prohibited.

Rule 7 Any publication of pornography with a tag [img] is prohibited.

Rule 8 Crooked blame the administrators, moderators and users will be punished.

Rule 9 Prohibition of all advertising in a foreign forum or web pages for posts, topics and signatures (and private and nonprofit - the advertising consult with the forum administrators).

Rule 10 Their contributions and topics write to the correct category and only once, otherwise it will be considered as spam.

Rule 11 All - I repeat all - live or clickable links refer you outside of our forum is prohibited. Links to other addresses belonging to the tag [code]. If you do not do this, so for your přízpěvek you and you are responsible for it or bear the consequences. Warez lines that do not tag [url] (live line) mean that things have uploaded all the documents and not violating copyright law. So to Caution!

Rule 12 Unnecessary and long citations are deleted, and for you it means a significant penalty.

Rule 13 Posts a 'Thank you, THX, Thanks, That's great, I am looking for a similar will be considered spam.

Rule 14 Membership on this site is free. In violation of forum rules can be excluded from the user of the forum, without giving any reason.

Rule 15
Insults, vulgarism and any other indecent behavior is an exclusion from the forum without giving a reason!

Rule 16 Topics to be set up in the right sections so that the content of the topic coincided with the best content section. Not allowed to insert the same topic in multiple sections. Mislaid or duplicate themes will be deleted or moved.

Rule 17 If you adjust the moderator or administrator post and leave a note on the amendment, it is forbidden to delete this note.

The owner, author and operator of this site is not responsible for the content other than their own contributions, since it is not known the content of third party contributions. On our server there are only files that are necessary for the operation and proper functioning of the Forum Symbian.All forum.

Violations of rules will be strictly punished and repeated violation of this will mean exclusion from the forum and blocking IP addresses on our forum without the possibility unban Exclamation The rules apply to everyone, without exception Exclamation

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Rules on forum
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